Position of The Mount of Venus
It is found to be limited between the root of the thumb and the line of life and between the first bracelete of the Rascette (rings around the wrist) and an imaginary horizontal line crossing the angle formed by the thumb and first finger

In a narmal position it indicates passion and love for matrrialistic things. It also shows a low love for art.

When Displaced:

  1. Towards the thumb - Emotions rule the will
  2. Towards the mounts of moon - - Sunsuality
  3. Towards the rascelte - Sensuousness


Normal and with:

  1. Pointed - Ideal love
  2. Conical - Poetic character, love for materialistic things
  3. Square - Deep, honest love for family
  4. Spalutate - Desire for a perfect soul mate

When Excess and with

  1. Pointed - Vicous imaginings
  2. Conical - Inconstancy
  3. Square - Sensuality
  4. Spatulate - Amorous, profligate

When Absent and with

  1. Pointed - Aspires for something beyond ideal love
  2. Conical - Artist completely dedicated to his art
  3. Square - Not charmed by the other sex
  4. Spatulate - Hates other esx as it becomes an incumbrance in his rotine life


Diseases of reproductive organs are indicated if the mount is abnormally prominet or coverd with confused lines. This individual is too strong too commit suicide.

Mount of Venus : Its Signature:

  1. Almost a jupiterian but has a 'feminiexd' side
  2. tender and unselfish attitudes
  3. Whitish, fair complexion but delicate
  4. medium stature, round face, amooth dimpled cheaks, curved eyebrows
  5. Long,dark,thick hair
  6. Long nose ,broad at base, pointed or rounded at the tip
  7. Large, clear, beautiful eyes, sweet expression, wide pupils.
  8. Small mouth with thick red lips
  9. Well formed teeth
  10. Majestic neck,graceful shoulders, plumps , healthy chest
  11. Ggraciful, lithe legs
  12. Soft, plumphands, short and smooth fingers ,short thumb


  1. Strong,healthy - Nervous - sanguin temperament
  2. Cheerful
  3. Suffers from deetemion due to disappointment in love and animals of the reproductive organs
  4. Prone to blood piosioning

Mental / Moral

  1. Loves life,enternal optimist
  2. Pleasant nature,benevolent
  3. Loves socity and is universally popular
  4. Loves nature, beauty,music
  5. Sensuous - loves the opposite sex and this love influence his every act
  6. Generous nature and sprint
  7. Mildly ambitious
  8. At ease with sentiment and emotion

At its Worst

  1. Debauchel
  2. Profligate
  3. Obsane and corrupt
  4. Depraved

The Upper Mount of Mars

Position - Immediately under the mount of mercury,along the percussion.In a normal hand it occupies the space between the Head line and the Heart line

When normal position it in dicates courage and obstinacy.

When Displaced:

  1. Towards Percussion - Pluck
  2. Towards Palm - Aggression
  3. Towards Moon - Power of hypnotism

When Normal and with

  1. Pointed - Courage of martyr
  2. Conical - Courage of a Patriot
  3. Square - Courage of a Soldier
  4. Spatilate - Courage of a explorer

When in Excess and eith

  1. Pointed - Violence of a religious persecytor
  2. Conical - Violence of a wounded vanity
  3. Square - Violence of a disappointed schemer
  4. Spatulate - Violence of a ruffian

When absent and with

  1. Pointed - A coward in his creed
  2. Conical- A coward in facing the public
  3. Square - A coward in everday life
  4. Spatulate - A coward in feild of battle

Medical: Abnormal prominence and/or coverd with confused lines indicates a tendency towards

  1. Soor throat
  2. Bronchitis
  3. Through in blood pressure,circulation etc.If a person under dominance of the upper mount of Mars decides to commit suicide he will prefer to shoot himself



The Lower Mount of Mars

Position - It is a Mount left rather than located by sight. It is placed between an imaginary horizontal line crossing the hand from the bottom of the angle formed by the thumbs and the first fingers and the footof the mount of jupiter, at the starting point of a normally placed line of life. Inside the hand it extends to the line of life forming a triangular shape

When in Normal position - it indicates temper,struggle and endurence.

When Displaced:

  1. Towards the Mount of venus power of enduronce through affection
  2. Towards jupiter Power of endurance through pride
  3. Towards Thumbs - Power of induronce through shree

When Normal and with

  1. Pointed -Hevenly regisignation
  2. Conilcal -Stoicism
  3. Square - Patience
  4. Spalutate - Ignores fear pain

When in excess and with

  1. Pointed - Unhealthy,chastising of flash
  2. Conical - Hard -Hearted nex
  3. Square - Passive cruelty
  4. Spatulate - Active cruelty

When absent and with

  1. Pointed - Sensitive Soul
  2. Conical - Easily offended
  3. Square - Much afraid of physical or moral pain
  4. Spatulate - A coward

Medical Abnormal Prominance or in coverd with confused lines indicates a disorder of generative organs If this person decides to end his life it will be by the dagger or the ragor

The Mounts of Mars :their Signature:

  1. Above average stature,strong but not heavy
  2. Small thick head
  3. Round face, reddish hue
  4. Short crisp, curly hair
  5. Large, bright, daring eyes blood shot whites
  6. Large mouth thinlips, yellowish teeth
  7. Thick, straight eyebrows
  8. Sharp long nose often curved and beak like, upturned chin
  9. Thiks cheeks, prominent ckeakbones
  10. Splendid chest, broad, flushy shoulders and back
  11. Thick, powerful voice and commanding tone
  12. Hard hand, thick, strong, short fingers first phalanx of thumb larger than second


  1. Sangune temperament
  2. Diseases of blood afflict him
  3. Apoplexy, skindiseases, inflammation of inner organs
  4. Risks wounds in quarrels


  1. Generous, magnanimous, devoted friend
  2. Spendthrift
  3. Energetic and has perseverance
  4. Uncouth, inmannerly, straight,direct
  5. Amorous
  6. Daring
  7. Domineering,wont listen to reason
  8. Loves to eat
  9. Loves fighting
  10. Great pride
  11. Hates scholarly activity
  12. Braggart

When bad indications are indicated:

  1. Criminal tendencies
  2. Murders
  3. Intemperate, uncontrolled passion

Position of The Mount of Moon

Immediately under the upper mount of mars, along the percussion. It is limited by the Head line in its uppar part; at its lower part by the first ring, braulet of rascette (the rings around the wrist); and inside the hand by the mount of venus.

When in Normal position it stands for Imagination, sympathy, romance, fickleness.

When Displaced

  1. Towards the upper mount of mars - Imagination well within control, a love of harmony
  2. Towards the Rasctte bracelet, wild imgination
  3. Towards Venus - Imagination intensifies emotions
  4. Towards the Palm - Imagination increases aggressive force


When Normal and with

  1. Pointed fingers - Imagination at his best
  2. Conical fingers giffted artist
  3. Square - Healthy love of poetry
  4. Spatulate -Violent insanity

When Absent and with

  1. Pointed one hardly ever or never comes across this combination
  2. Conical - Acting ability,but more imitation
  3. Square - Routine existence
  4. Spatulate - Pessimistic attitude

Medical - When the mount is abnormally prominent or is coverd with lines it signifies a tendency towards

  1. Dropsy
  2. Bladder, kidney stones and infection
  3. Weakness of eye sight blindness
  4. Anemia

Apossessor of this mount will prefer suicide by drowning

The Mount of Moon : Its Signature

  1. Tall stature
  2. Round head, broad at the temples
  3. Dead white or pinkish complexion
  4. Fine, thin hair
  5. Broad and full face,nose small and round tipped. Mouth small thick lipped, permanent pout
  6. Large, badly arranged teeth often yellowish
  7. Bulging eyes, round and large, poor eyebrows, thick eyelids
  8. Fat, heavy chin
  9. long white flushy check
  10. Flesh flabby chest
  11. Plump stomach
  12. Heavy, large legs and feet
  13. Fat and soft hands short smooth and often pointed fingers
  14. Very small frist phalanx of the thumb

Health :

  1. Poor health,easily tires of any exertion
  2. Can suffer from hallucinations often leading to insanity
  3. Prone to paralysis, epilipsy conveulsions
  4. Suffers from kidney, liver, bladder troubles, intenstinal infections

Mental / Moral:

  1. Fickle, unreliable, selfish
  2. Cold, lazy, melancholic
  3. Bad family men
  4. Hate exertion, slow in mind and body
  5. Great day dreames
  6. Fond of fomantic art and literature
  7. Effeminate tastes
  8. No firm will
  9. Varacious, sensual appetites

When under influence of bad indication

  1. Thoughtless, talkative
  2. Slanderer
  3. Cheat
  4. Selfish, braggort, coward


Position of The Mount of Apollo
It is at the root of the third (ring) finger of Appollo. Limited by an imaginary line running between the second and thid fingers to the Heart line and an imaginary line between the third and fourth fingers to the Heart line.

When normally placed it is a sign of brilliance, sucess, fame, beayti and tallent.

When displaced:

  1. Upwards - Affection in attiude towards the public
  2. Towards Saturn - Selfish love of animals
  3. Towards Mercury - Shrewd management of one's artistic talent
  4. Towards Heartline : Merciful

When normal and with

  1. Pointed fingers - Exquisite dremers
  2. Conical - Idealistic writers,artists
  3. Square - Great artists but practical
  4. Spatuluate - Artists fond of noise and excitement and its depiction in arts

When in access and with:

  1. Pointed - Genius confining to insanity
  2. Conical Talent overrating itself
  3. Square - Cupidity stifles real talent
  4. Spatulate - Braggarts without talent,love of action, will do any work and make a noise about it

When Absent and with:

  1. Pointed - No love for art
  2. Conical - Clever but not gifted
  3. Square - No love for intellectual enjoyment
  4. Spatulate - Harted for art and all mind culture

When abnormally prominent and/or coverd with confused lines it indicates a tendency towards ,Heart palpitations,aneursim,trouble with eyes,in exetreme cases loss of eyesight.

The possessor of the Mount of Apollo loves life too much to commit suicied.His sunny dispostion helps him keep his chin up and take things in his stride



Mount of Apollo : Its Signature

  1. Above average hight,shapely handsome.Healthy body glow, abundunt hair which is soft and wavy,broad forehead
  2. Large,almond shaped,brillant eyes,limpid and pure whites: Sweet expression,frank,Long eyelashes
  3. Firm rounded cheeks,straight, delicately,chiselled nose, curved,beautiful eyebrows
  4. Well - Arranged graceful jaws, beautifuiful teth,small pink ears
  5. Long flesh,gracefully curved neck
  6. Not much body hair
  7. Shapely, agile Bimbs, small boned
  8. Healthy chest
  9. Born athelites
  10. (10) Smooth fingers often conical,moderately square tips
  11. Average thumbs with large second phalanex,palms and fingers of equal size


  1. Well balanced
  2. Sanny disposition has a positive effect
  3. Eyesight slightly weak
  4. Threatened by fire accidents
  5. Loves pleasure but never over indulges loves Moderation
  6. Heart trouble

With bad indications about loss of eyesight might result and the subject might die far away from his home often victim of sunstrokes

Mental and Moral:

  1. Intellectuals,intutive knowledge
  2. Love fine arts, literature
  3. Versatile
  4. Loves beauty
  5. Centers of attraction
  6. Ardent friends
  7. Clear,logiccal approach to problems
  8. Eloquent loves to hear himself talk
  9. Lucky
  10. Loves occult sciences
  11. Sunny disposition
  12. Short tempered but cools down quickly
  13. Loves travel
  14. Loves celebrity life

When spoiled by others indications:

  1. Loves limelight and will do anything to be init
  2. Loves Arrogance
  3. Exaggerates his merits
  4. Britter enemy

Position of The Mount of Mercury
At the root of the little (fourth) finger of Mercury. It is limited by the imaginary line between the third and fourth fingers,the Heartline and by the percussion

When in Normal posion indicates - Oratory skills, varied nature, love of poetry, tact, suess, in science and commerce

When Displaced

  1. Upwards - Sense of humour,good speaker
  2. Towards Mount of Apollo - Eloquence,business sense bunded with love of art
  3. Towards the Percussion - Business success
  4. Towards upper mount of Mars - Meranary



When Normal and with

  1. Pointed fingers - Mastery of intutive scince
  2. Conical - Divine eloquence
  3. Square - Great inventor
  4. Spatulate - Great discoverer

In Excess and with

  1. Pointed - Dreamers of new religious faith
  2. Conical - Inventoras of practicble things
  3. Square - Dangorous schemers
  4. Spatulate - Adventurers who stop at nocrime

Absent and with

  1. Pointed - Fine thoughts ill combined
  2. Conical - Eloquence handicapped by physical\ moral difecy
  3. Square - No scientific gift nor business ability
  4. Spatulate - Active to no useful purpose

Abnormal prominence or coverd with confuced lines

  1. Bilious troubles
  2. Liver diseases
  3. Jaundice
  4. Nervous irritations

If a Mercurian type ever suicied it will be by poisoning

Mount of Mercury its Signature:

  1. Small sature
  2. Well - Built,elongated pleasing face
  3. Light, honey - coloured complexion
  4. Slightly curly hair especially at the ends
  5. Soft skin
  6. Buliging forhead, short dark hair
  7. Thin eyebrows, curved, joined
  8. Decpset, penetrating eyes, rest less with yellowish whites, thin eyelids
  9. Long, straight nose rounede, dimpled tip
  10. Thin lips, full upper lip, small teeth, longpointed chen
  11. Strong neck, study shoulders, broad muscled chest well muscled limbs
  12. Weak Voice
  13. Large hands, elastic palms, fingers usually misced an an is smooth
  14. Long thumb,with a longish second phalanx


  1. Nervous bilious temperament
  2. Weak liver and digestive system
  3. Accidents to and troubles of arms bands

Mental / Moral

  1. Quick in thought and actionalert
  2. Skilfull at games
  3. Loves orbatory, gift of repaster
  4. Great judge of human character,nature
  5. Highly influential on fellow beings
  6. Hood student, lovesmaths, sciences
  7. Intrested in arts,literature
  8. Occellent business man knows how to make mony good planer
  9. Quick limpid logic
  10. Affectionate and equally tempered
  11. Safe friend loves family
  12. Merry, mocking mood
  13. Loves travelling and the natural

When bad indications present

  1. Treacherous Scheming
  2. Liar, cheat
  3. Superstitious